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Fleabag, I Love You

Very excited to add my first post to my creations tab over here. It's been a long time coming but I've finally uploaded my first long form video to YouTube!

I chose to tackle Fleabag as my first topic because it is a piece of media that shaped who I am today in such a fundamental way and it inspires me as an artist to create something that touches people in the same capacity. Through Phoebe's work I've been able to reflect on the ways in which I view myself, the way I view others, and the ways in which I give and receive love.

I think it's very important to recognize that while at its core, Fleabag is about a deeply flawed woman, the journey she undergoes allows her to do so much healing and come out on the other side stronger than ever. Very few shows I feel are able to depict such an immense amount of growth so succinctly, so I felt it only fitting to begin my YouTube journey taking a look at a piece of work I consider to be a masterpiece in storytelling.

I hope you enjoy! I cannot wait to start on the next one.

link to the video:

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Jan 08, 2022

I felt like I was reliving the series, which was fun. The level of work (patience and attention to detail) was remarkable and apparent in your video. I applaud that, because those are 2 qualities that I don’t seem to have. 😳 Ultimately, we are proud and pleased that you are pursuing artistic expression and analysis in both your blog and your video. 🥰 Great job! 👑

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